Soft rejected - Visibility problem???


Demo -

my theme got soft rejected, below are the reviewer’s comments;

  1. Make sub-title more visible:
  1. Theme scroll very slowly and it seems buggy.
  1. This also needs to be more visible:
  1. Dropdown items are also not visible enough:
  1. Titles are not readable enough and content also not fully visible:
  1. Blockquote’s visibility needs to increase too:
  1. Form usability is pretty low:
  1. There can be a time when user will publish a post without a title and to make untitled posts accessible post dates should be linked.
  1. Sidebars are pretty unusable: There can be a time when user will publish a post without a title and to make untitled posts accessible post dates should be linked.
  1. Comment forms usability is also low:
  1. Test your theme across different screen sizes and devices.

What they mention mostly are visibility problems, if you check the screenshots they are showing you can pretty easily understand that the texts are not visible enough; however the problem is I couldn’t see such a problem in the demo. I tested on all browsers, both mac and windows and yet couldn’t see that problem. All the text I see in the demo are pretty clean and visible.

Can you pls check the demo and let me know if the texts look visible or are they like in those screenshots the reviewer shown me?

Comment form usability and contact form usability are yet another problem I don’t get, is that because those forms do not have ‘help’ texts?, I use the ‘labels’ as help text too.

Demo url again -

Thanks a lot,

They look visible for me , dark grey

Yes the same issue i have faced with the reviewers…the theme is visible with me ans showing perfectly… but some time they comment like that visibility issues…such as light grey text or font-weight is very thin…while on our browser the font color is #666 and font weight is not less than 500…it’s really weird

Thanks a ton :slight_smile:

Yes, it is really weird. I am going to resubmit, let me see what’s going to happen.

The font on your demo looks fine here on my Chrome. I once experienced the same issue with the Raleway font and the reviewer said just like your case that it’s too light. Here is what I sent to them with the resubmission:

Regarding your feedbacks on font that is too light, I could not reproduce the issue on my end. I have tested the theme with Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera and Safari on Mac (all are latest version) and the font rendering looks fine, not too light as in your screenshots.

I have also tested on another PC here in my house and it looks fine too. Here are some screenshots on mine: [list of screenshots] They are dark enough and legible. Note that the font weight is set as “normal” in the areas.

Just wondering what browser are you using and what version? Because as far as I know, Raleway Google web font had a known issue of font rendering on some version of Chrome. Here is the reference: .

I myself also used to face with the same problem as in your screenshots some times ago but the issue was fixed in later version of Chrome. Could you please try on different machines too? Because there should not be any problem in the latest version.

Then it was soft rejected with other reasons and got approved.

Looks ok to me but I do agree about some of the usability, parallax behind booking text needs work, scroll is a bit buggy

Thanks man, I will send the same message.

Thanks. Working on those problems now…

Your parallax have issues and scroll is buggy. correct these and I hope you will get approved.

Once again our Theme got soft reject because of this visibility issue :slight_smile:
So my question is: Why reviewer using old version of Google Chrome when he check themes? New versions are much optimized and have a lots of bug fixes.