Soft rejected to hard rejected?




It is possible to get a hard rejection after a resubmission? A soft reject is a second chance?



Yes. It happened several times before when the reviewer couldn’t judge the item due to a problem in the main files or broken demo.


So there are extreme cases… i understand. Thanks.

I got soft rejection for the second time and I don’t understant why the hell (same reasons), because i changed everything that was “a problem”. Anyway i willl ask in a topic. Thanks a lot!


yes this is the technical part, there’s the other one, the human one, i might add and we could also call this incoherence or inconsistency one , this reviewing process is breeding the most incredible things that we can possibly imagine anyway … the darkest craps being accepted , some very good files never making it , some incredible and most importantly really huge discrepancies between authors and in terms of level as well as other issues too …