[Soft Rejected] “Theme never loads on frontend”

Hey Everyone,

Our theme was checked by reviewers and i’ve got soft rejected for some issues by them. I have solved most of problems. So, there is a problem that i couldnt understand completely : They said that “Theme never loads on frontend” I stucked in this situation.

This is the link of screenshot

Can anyone help me understand what it means?

Thank you so much 

I see the blank white screen of death in the screenshot.


  • try a new install of your theme to see if you get the same result
  • check if any file is missing that could cause the error
  • check if any third-party plugin included with your theme could be causing the error
  • look at the console to see if there could be any errors
  • wp_debug should be set to true so you can see errors

Dear anue_themes,
Firstly, i must thank to you for your answer to me.
You have talked about general wp white screen error. But i cant get same result on my pc. I think , This is adifferent problem about frontend codes.

Is there anybody to help about this topic?


If you are sure you already solved all other problems listed on the soft rejection mail, my suggestion is to re-submit the item and ask the reviewer to give you extra feedback as you didn’t replicate that issue.

You can also open a Help Ticket(http://enva.to/Help) and ask to receive more feedback regarding your reviewed item.

Good Luck :slight_smile: