soft rejected spacing/padding as well as alignment issues

hello i keep get this

There are spacing/padding as well as alignment issues throughout the design. Please check your files thoroughly and weed out these basic design issues.

I don’t know what to do .

yes spacing and alignment issues found

Also check testimonial and footer contact section spacing.

can you check my soft reject item, please ?
because Its my first soft reject and I dont know where are the issues

Hi @JoeLabs I have checked and replied in your own topics. Thanks

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thank you
is there any other issues in mobile ?

I didn’t checked in mobile please check with all small devices.

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Hi just my opinion

for all devices (large and small)
Good Luck

The services, portfolio items, logos etc, should all be 1 column on mobile - the two column layout is nconsistent to the rest of the site and not mobile optimized

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thanks you

can you check it now please

Crtl F5 :smiley:

looking much better, well done. Just I would like to suggest would you like to make some more change in count up section. In image you have used bottom padding 35px, what about 20px/25px. and h4 tag you have used class mt-15 (margin-top: 15px;), what about margin-top: 10px; but class you assign mt-15, so keep as you set. Above Just my opinion, you have to take decision what is better for you.

thank you really bro for help <3
i did changed you said and yea it’s look better now :slight_smile:

now i can go a head and re-upload it ?

thanks. please double/tripple check all of the issues your Item reviewer mentioned. If you think all good then submit update.

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You can use padding-80 { padding: 80px 0; } standart classes, best practic