Soft rejected - Seeking advice / suggestions


I am looking for some feedback on the Wordpress plugin I have created for CodeCanyon. The plugin is a tool that allows users to generator shortcodes to display statistic circles in their pages and posts.

Here is the first paragraph from the feedback I got from CodeCanyon’s review team:

The documentation is a little lacking. Most importantly, remember that buyers may not be technically inclined. They may just be looking for an item to drop into their existing code base. Also keep in mind that a typical user won’t really know about all the features your system brings to the table. With them in mind, you should also look into providing a quick start guide of some sort. It need not be long: a short one will do.

Plugin preview website:
Plugin documentation:

Any feedback, advice or suggestions are very appreciated. I am open minded and willing to make changes to ensure that this plugin gets accepted :smiley:

Kind Regards

zedvex, did you manage to get your plugin accepted? I have the exact same problem and I don’t know what to do. What did you have to change in your documentation? Thank you for your help.

Hi bartasw

Not actually sure to be honest. My plugin was not accepted but I do intend to try again.

Please let me know how you get on

Hey @zedvex,

Maybe your docs is missing some text that descripe how get things ‘up and running’ .

Perhaps some step 1,2,3,4,… from installing the plugin to showing the shortcode working at the frontend.

All the best!