Soft Rejected - Reason:Design elements are plain. Pls help

My theme got soft rejected -
This is an EDD theme. Given below is the TF response.
"Unfortunately your submission Olam-WordPress Easy Digital Downloads Theme isn’t quite ready for ThemeForest. Here’s some feedback from our Review team on why it couldn’t be accepted.

Theme is too basic, design elements are plain. It looks like that theme was made from pre-made design elements, which would be fine if submitted design had its own unique branding, which sorry to say Olam doesn’t have.

After making the required fixes or improvements, please edit your submission at “”

Please note, you must make the required fixes or improvements before resubmitting for re-review. By not doing so, repeated resubmissions without changes may be considered abuse of the review system and your submitting rights may be disabled."

The design elements include an accordion and a pricing table. I have seen similar designs in TF, so I am not sure what exactly is wrong with them. But I do know the TF team won’t reject it for no reason. So if you see anything I don’t pls share.

Special request @charlie4282



It’s not bad at all and there are some nice features like the scrolling previews on the home page

  • It sounds like the reviewer is expecting more ‘character’ to the design.

  • You could be more creative with pages like and they feel really unfinished and bland

  • The item hovers could be improved: type is very small esp. author name, styling could be improved, there’s a lot of empty space on them

  • The item title and price in the grey bar could also be improved with some styling

  • The flat, empty space layout feels a bit dated and childish for the type of site.

I kind of get what the reviewer means about plain elements. I think there are some very nice ideas etc. it is just the execution that needs work to bring it to life and ‘brand’ it a bit more.

It’s all fixable and only a question of styling and evolving it a bit to make it feel more polished and finished

You have to make some changes in its design.

particularly for me it has been quite generous with white spaces. But in some sections has passed the titles of each section for example are far apart the content has to be considered (proximity)

The design looks lifeless void because it requires only sections and much more work on the details.
Play with the (weight) of typography to create a better hierarchy.
Switch to 100% and replace the graphics by mack-up and professional looking graphics premium and if there are even free, so get to work.

Do not give up

Good luck

Hello webnesters,

Here you have some tips.

  1. “Newly Added” section looks really basic. You should think about how to present these boxes. Maybe do something with these squares.

  2. “About Olam” section is quite empty. Graphic on the left doesn’t fit the theme. Padding on the left side is bigger than on the right side.

  3. “Our Pricing” section looks empty too. Maybe you could try to add some different background colors instead of simple white.

I hope it will help.

Thank you!

Thanks @charlie4282 @webdoone @Th3s

I am working on improving the design now. I will definitely post the updated version before submitting to themeforest.

Thanks again,