Soft-rejected, question about prefixes.

as the title says
how can i ask the reviewer a question for a soft rejected theme ?
thank you.

Why don’t you try asking the question here in the forums, maybe someone else came across a similar problem and may be able to help. :slight_smile:

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i received this soft reject on my new wordpress theme

Prefix everything and use unique (theme-name-based) consistent slugs. Additional prefix is acceptable for when the author is using a framework.

Avoid using initials or abbreviations and no more than

Here’s a list of the most common things that should be prefixed:

  • PHP function names
  • PHP class names
  • PHP global variables
  • Action/Filter hooks
  • Script handles
  • Style handles
  • Image size names

Inconsistent prefixing.

There is window_mag and window_

i prefixed metaboxes and image size names with prefix window_

i know that i have to edit the prefix of the image size names to be window_mag like all functions

my question is : do i have to prefix metaboxes ids ?

i’m asking this question because i created 4 demos and if i changed the prefix of the metaboxes i will lose the data in the demos.

any help will be appreciated.
thank you…

I’ve changed the title and added the item-feedback tag for you, so you can get more related answers on your question hopefully. Good luck.

thank you so much :blush: