Soft rejected. Provide fully working demo.

Hi, I try to upload woocommerce plugin, I provided link to demo with creds in Message to the Reviewer field and got answer STILL Provide fully working demo. Where I can read about demo and how to provide this demo?

Hi @wsjr_catarri, If you provide more details then may be we can help. What is the main features of your plugin and what is the demo URL you provided?

It is about woocommerce shipping, I have sent this url with creds for administrator role.

Demos need to be in English

You should create a separate demo (English language content) for the plugin and it should be a subdomain/subdirectory. meant unique demo URL only for this plugin and make the demo clean. No extra unnecessary pages like Sample Page in the menu. and the plugin URL should match your plugin Plugin URI (you mentioned in the plugin file).

Thanks all, I will work on this.