[Soft Rejected] Please provide a demo site before we go any further.


Envato Quality team reviewer Soft Rejected my item (XXXX Rest Api) and they told me [Please provide a demo site before we go any further.]
I have three doubt, please give the solution

  1. Rest Api we can give by documentation. But they are asking Demo Site. How can i give Demo Site?

  2. shall I give documentation as Demo site ?

  3. while I am added Demo Link in Demo Url. I am getting this below error in preview link

[This preview.codecanyon.net page can’t be foundIt may have been moved or deleted. HTTP ERROR 410]

Soft Rejected Email

Demo Url

Error Preview Link


For a REST API, you could do the documentation for the live demo. It would be 100x nicer if you made a small app to interactively test the API instead, though I understand this won’t always be possible depending on the type of API.

Generally, REST APIs submitted to CodeCanyon have some sort of an admin panel to configure and monitor them. If your API has something like that, it should be included in the live demo.

Regarding the error page, I’m not too sure why that is happening. Could be that your item hasn’t gone far enough in the process to get a review page… maybe? I wouldn’t worry about it for now.

I will suggest you make a website demonstration on how the restful API can be use on integrate and this will be helpful to your buyers by showcasing what you have built using the Restful API

However you can submit a video demo as well.