[Soft Rejected] Please, I do not understand in this section!



I found some errors while importing the theme unit test [http://codex.wordpress.org/Theme_Unit_Test]. Examples that I found that need to be fixed:

a. Fortmatting errors: http://envato.d.pr/L4MX http://envato.d.pr/xQlP

It looks may be simple, but what should I change.

I can not understand this.

Anyone please help me.

Thank you for everything. :slight_smile:


The <strike> tag is not supported in HTML5. Use <del> or <s> instead.


Thank you, ki-themes

Does that mean I have to add style to <del>?


You need to replace strike codes with del or s


Thank you, because you responded to me.

How do I change it?

While my item is wordpress theme.

What should I do?

Thanks again.


That’s the thing you need to do. You need to find the codes in the codes and replace it.


I’ve been looking at all the files in the wordpress themes, but no code <strike> I found.

What this is a misunderstanding?



I have no idea. Contact support for further information


Thank you for helping me, I just resubmit the item. and hopefully accepted.

Maybe if soft rejected again, I can get the answer.

Once again, thank you. :slight_smile:


I also got this soft rejection message. I think it might be related to pre and code tag. http://stackoverflow.com/a/4611735


Sounds like it might be, because I have set the style for code

code{display: block; margin: 30px auto; width: 90%; border: 1px solid;}

Whether this may be a mistake?