Soft Rejected, please help

Hi guys,
my theme was rejected , please help :frowning:
Theme breaks the back and frontend due to: Additionally, do not modify, alter or do anything with database by default. Please submit a working, fully tested version of your theme!

please help :frowning:

please help

any help please :frowning:

Go through the errors that are listed in the screenshot you posted and fix them first. The reviewer also said not to alter the database by default. Start by fixing these issues.

thank you so much for your reply,
the theme works fine with me and i tried this several times,
and i couldn’t find any errors !!
now i try to understand these errors and i need to know
in any step these errors are shown.

@rg-theme Did you check with wp debug ‘on’? You might see those warnings & notice. I am new to WP development, so I am not sure about this.

@salttechno thank you so much for your reply,
i put true for wp-debug, but i still find no errors :frowning:

someone help me to understand these errors please ??

Install this plugin :
and visit pages you will be notified by the admin bar in red.

@wpcohort thank you so much for your reply,
the errors were showns,
now, i need to understand these errors .

Google should be your best friend :wink: I have never seen this before, through them to Google :wink:

@wpcohort thanks man :slight_smile:
i try to resolve it using Google & waiting some help here :slight_smile:

Good luck with fixing the issues. How long were you in the review queue out of interest?

@Zorbix thank you :slight_smile:
1 month :slight_smile: