Soft rejected please help

Thank you for your submission.

  1. Your submission contains low-resolutions images. Please check your live demo as well as your preview image and screenshots to make sure all graphics are high resolution.

  2. JQUERY PERFORMANCE NEEDS IMPROVEMENT: Your jQuery code can benefit from some performance tweaks. Please make sure that your jQuery is properly formatted, commented and that you are caching and chaining whenever possible. For more information please read:

  3. SPACING AND ALIGNMENT: There are spacing and alignment issues in this item. Please make sure that all elements are aligned properly and spacing is consistent from section to section. Here are some articles with more information regarding negative space and proper spacing:,\

We look forward to reviewing your submission once you’ve made the changes!

Envato Market Team

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Plese telme how to solve this problem…

Important spacing problems… Please tell me Where spacing problem in this item…

Try to test it on a bigger screen (like 2560x1440 or bigger).

Is it only two home pages and that’s it? Because no link in the header works (shop, page, blog etc.), not even search.

There are plenty of typos on your CSS class names: “prograse”, “valu”, “socile”. Maybe use a translator if your English language skill is lacking? Because that looks very amateurish.

Also check the title of your HTML: “Childt – NonProfit Charity PSD Template”

From my point theme lacks animation (use it as much as you can). For example make rollover on photos for blog, rollover effect on news section. Popular Causes (Cases?!) fix spelling add effect too.
This part looks strange to me We Have More Experience In This Field and then button with the same color, this needs to be redone nicely. This section of 6 boxes Help the Poor Through Us. That blue corner looks bit too cheap for me even it might go through revision (but after 1st soft reject you may receive another 10).

Good luck