Soft rejected: "Please fix your tags, they should be one word only."


Wondering if someone else got this too? Is it a new requirement?

All items in my portfolio have tags with more than 1 word :slight_smile:


Yes, it should be no problem, unless you don’t do things like “corporate uplifting inspiring upbeat Ukulele happy” as one tag :thinking::grin:

What’s the problem with that one? :speak_no_evil:

Nope, there all one or two words with few exceptions. Longest one is “dancing on the beach”.

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it is possible to write in the “description” to the track)

The search engine covers: Title, description and tags.

I usually try to make the description informative by still using half of the keywords and phrases I have in mind… others I put in the tags.

I might be doing it wrong though… :slight_smile:

I don’t imagine it’s a hard and fast rule, but tags should be descriptive of the item themselves. “Dancing on the beach” might be a bridge too far :smiley:


Gotcha. That makes sense. Will improve those in future, thanks.

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