Soft Rejected HTML Template ( more than 3 times )



hi, this my collaborated item got more than 3 soft rejected. just need your feedback well. thanks
here is link - Demo LInk

Unfortunately your submission Educate - Responsive Education HTML Template isn’t quite ready for ThemeForest. Here’s some feedback from our Review team on why it couldn’t be accepted.

Although this is a conversion of an existing item it requires additional work before it can be approved on ThemeForest.

  1. TYPOGRAPHIC HIERARCHY: The typographic hierarchy of this item requires additional work.

  2. VISUAL HIERARCHY: The visual hierarchy of this item requires additional work. Focus on better defining which areas of this item should demand more attention and creating a logical structure to the design.

  3. SPACING AND ALIGNMENT: There are spacing and alignment issues in this item. Please make sure that all elements are aligned properly and spacing is consistent from section to section.

  4. COLOR PALETTE: The chosen color palette requires additional work.

thanks much.