[ Soft Rejected ] Honey Gold - Elegant Personal Blog PSD Template

Hey there everyone,

@janxcode @Darinka @QBKL @dwodesign @Intervent Thank you for your valuable feedbacks which you have given to us. We have renewed our design and sent our theme for re-review and now we got a soft reject. This is good news for us but we have to improve it more as the reviewer said.

Here is the feedback of the reviewer;

Rejection Details


Thank you for your submission. 1. Your template has a good start but, as we have high standards, you will need to make some additional improvements in overall aesthetics and aspects such as graphics, layout, colors, etc. Overall template typography needs additional refinements and improvements before it will be ready for ThemeForest. Further, PSD templates category requires templates with higher quality in terms of design and aesthetically. It has to be pixel perfect, details, professional, unique, eye pleasing and balance.

Now we need some more feedback on our soft rejected theme :blush:

Here are the NEW screenshots of our demo;

Thank you in advance, have a nice day.

It’s really nice, but can u please share the reviewers message

Since the shots are not real size, the first things I can see is the typography. Fonts are really small and paragraphs too long (line length) on both excerpts and full posts. The layout generally suffers from “breathing” issues, it feels jam packed with everything. Also, I don’t see a sample of pagination on any of the archive-type layouts (am I missing something?). The top part (logo + menu) feels a bit bland too.

You’re submitting to PSD category, therefore you’re not bound by too many “coding” constrains. Take care of layout metrics and make it stand out a bit. In the PSD category, the design standards are pretty high.

Good luck!

Thank you for your time, we appreciate it.

We are currently working on improving typography and as you implied increasing the whitespace to eliminate “breathing” problem. We did not include a page number type pagination but instead we used “Older Posts” & “Newer Posts” type of pagination. Finally, we will look into the header part and try to make the theme’s design stand out.

By the way, I have changed the Demo Link so images can be viewed in full resolution.

Have a nice day!

Two more things typography related:

  1. The letter spacing on body font (excerpt, post) is too big. That’s one of the reasons it’s so hard to read, small fonts with big letter spacing look like a continuous loooooooong word.
  2. You’re using CAPS Serif fonts for the headers of the widgets. Why only there? You need to have some sort of unity across your layout. Maybe used the for category names too on posts? (Lifestyle, Fashion, etc).

Very well, we will definitely be looking into these issues. Thank you so much for your time.

You’re welcome!

Yes, I agree with previous suggestions:

  • the typography needs much work to feel premium
  • header menu is too simple and boring
  • spaces are too small, design feels tight and cluttered
    But you are on a right track, good luck!

Hey Darinka,

Thank you so much for your feedback, we are working on typography to make our theme “feel premium” as you said.

Have a nice day :blush:

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@QBKL @Darinka @janxcode @dwodesign @Intervent
We have sent our theme after improving it according to your valuable feedbacks and now it is soft rejected.

You can find the details and the new screenshots in the original post.

We are looking forward to all of our community members’ feedbacks!

Thank you in advance.