Soft Rejected - help me please

Hi envato community
Yesterday i got my first review and i don’t know what to do.

Please revisit line height right now it’s too big, to improve readability in web design it’s recommend to use 1.5em of line height, you can use this tool: to convert px to em’s.

how i can convert PX to EM’s in photoshop ?
this is not possible

my design

someone understands what he meant?

You can’t add “em” in photoshop unless with some third party extensions and you don’t need this. What he meant was that your line height is too big and you need to decrease it. Usually the line height is 1.5 em converted in pixel it should be 21px if your body text is 14px, and you should make your line height 21px . Use the website he gave you to calculate what line-height you should have based on body text and current text size.