Soft Rejected Graphic River - Rasterized Elements in Illustrator 10 EPS

Hello! I am trying to convert an Illustrator CC to an Illustrator 10 EPS file, but it’s converting some of my gradients into rasterized elements. I re-opened the file in Illustrator CC, looked under the links panel at the reviewer’s suggestion, then deleted those elements since they were hardly visible anyway. It was soft-rejected again today for the same issues, even though when I open the file in Illustrator CC it doesn’t show anything in the links panel. Should I design files in Illustrator 10? Why is Illustrator CC showing the links panel empty for me but the reviewer is seeing links in his/her file?

Here is a screenshot of the file in question showing an empty Links panel. It’s saying Converted in the file name as well, I don’t know if that has anything to do with it.

I also didn’t rename the zip file when I reuploaded it, I don’t know if the system keeps my old zip file and maybe something happened there. I’m afraid to upload it a third time without 100% making sure the issue is fixed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Does anyone use Illustrator 10 to avoid problems like this?

hi Stormysketches, indeed, i have never seen a problem like this this far … and i am afraid that i cannot help you. What i can tell you is that i am using CS5 and i have not had this kind of problem when i had created and exported my set of characters that i had created a good while ago … . This is know that sometimes, some guys have trouble with texts when converting in illustrator 10 version , but apart from that , i have never heard about anything like what u mentioned. Maybe, if u don’t manage to find any other way, the solution for you would be to try to re-draw only the part bringing troubles to the table in the illustrator file …

If you have some effects like outer glow, shadow, inner glow, blur… they will raster in illustrator 10. Also if you use radial gradient and you squeeze it to ellipse it will also raster. Be careful.

Thank you for the heads up Kovacevic! I was only using gradients, no effects, but I rely heavily on radial gradients and squeezing them into an ellipse. When I saved it to an Illustrator 10 EPS I found an option to select “100% vector” and I believe that fixed it.

Does using transparency in gradients result in rasterizing as well?

Thank you n2n44 for your suggestion, I actually reinstalled 10 and messed around with it in there as well.

well i tell you how i feel about this issue … i think that the use of so old versions, like illustrator 10, in so very scared now that this is not worth the drive to “force us” into editing for this version. i think that it may potentially slightly decrease your sale if someone ever needs this sort of thing and that u don’t have it , but that’s fine … . After all, if guys were told that u don"t “cheat them” , that u properly describe what u have in your item (that is to say that u don’t mention that u have illustrator 10 version) then i don’t see why your item would not make it and be accepted for sales … the problem is that the policy here is different and several guys have already complained about it but nothing has changed …

Transparency and gradient shouldn’t cause you any trouble. Just open your eps illustration in illustrator10 end you’ll probably see that squeezed radial gradients became bitmaps.

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I can understand the need to create files that can be used by the widest audience possible. Despite that, I do agree with you that Illustrator 10 is maybe too old to worry about as far as compatibility goes. Illustrator 10 came out in 2001 (almost 15 years ago!), so we could probably move up to at least CS safely without losing too many potential customers.

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i guess, especially since not all the people who buy from here even have any version of photoshop or illustrator and neither do they use it too lol thats’ what happened to me twice … but , anyway, let’s face there are some rules and we cannot change them so we have to stick to that illustrator 10 thing lol


i have the same problem with my illustrator CS6 !!!