Soft rejected: for using already used videos by other authors for my video preview

I got soft reject, becouse of I have used videos from vimeo, without Creative Commons license CC.
It was clear for me and I complete agree with videohive rules!

I start search the new videos with CC license, it was too hard to find something cool videos for my video preview, becouse of it was my first broadcast package on videohive and I was not experienced with it.

After this, I search some trendy broadcast packages on videohive, which had already used videos with CC license in their video preview.

I find some links which was already used by elite author Premiumilk and rigsmotion’s in their video previews. I trust them becouse of they are cool authors, and they make high quality templates, and which is most important there was writen “All videos used in the preview are authorised for use under Creative Commons License.” here is links:

I felt free and use them in my new video preview, but i got soft rejected again with same words. This videos are not CC licensed. Here is screen of resubmission history: and used videos links:“James%20Raffan”/sort:date/format:thumbnail’neill%20Girls%20Summer%202011%20Collection/sort:date/format:thumbnail

I’m very confused now!
If this videos has no creative common license, why other outhors has already use it? what heppens?

Interesting situation… confusing situation. And what did the reviewer answer to you?

Here is reviewer answer:
“The fact that other authors are using those videos doesn’t change their licenses and doesn’t give you rights to use them in your item. We have disabled their items and asked them to remove the unlicensed content”

I feel really awkward with the authors who had to change their video previews, but it wasn’t my foult.

One of this item is no longer available
I guess reviewers just haven’t paid attention. I always try use only CC BY licenses. To be out of harm’s way :slight_smile: