Soft rejected -> Fix issues -> Hard rejected?

Hi, new user here!
I submitted my first graphic last week and I was happy to see it only got a soft reject. I proceeded to fix the issues (accuracy in description) and uploaded my file again, but this time it got a hard reject.
Has this ever happened to you?

That does happen occasionally for sure, I’ve seen other people say that on the forums. Unfortunately it probably means your item was borderline approvable, and a different reviewer reviewed it the second time and decided it wasn’t good enough. If you want to get some feedback you can post your item here on this thread.

It was a 3k pixel wide illustration of a fictional exoplanet (the planet, its moons and the main stars could be moved independently). In the soft reject message, they only told me to give an accurate description of the files included -which I did- and how editable they were (done) and to mention any external assets I used (I didn’t use external assets and clarified that in the message to reviewer).

Was the hard reject message a generic message about quality not good enough, or something else? If it’s a quality issue, my guess would be that the texture on the large planet doesn’t look that great. To me it looks too much like a marble type of pattern, and not enough like a realistic lava planet. I like the look of the backdrop a lot more than the planet. That’s just my opinion, I can’t read the reviewers mind…


Yeah, it was the standard hard reject message about quality standards. Thanks for the feedback!