[Soft Rejected] Can't find the problem

Hey everyone,

My recent item has been rejected several times just because of a JS/jQuery problem and I can’t find it. jQuery works fine for me, I’ve tested different browsers and I even check the browser inspector and didn’t get any errors. Reordered the scripts, used local jQuery but the problem is still there (as the reviewer says).

This is what the reviewer says:

And this the template:

edit your custom.js file and put your code inside:

jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
    //put your code here

Also if you are using inline javascript code make sure to define jquery same as the previous way, and use on() function to detect window on load.

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The problem is that jQuery doesn’t load properly for the review team. I mean, the order of scripts, files’ name and everything else is correct. Then what’s the reason? what are the possibilities?

I see errors in my chrome console because your code conflict with what it calls content scripts maybe that’s why the reviewer can see errors while you can’t.

Read here how to avoid conflicts and how to include your jquery.

Also in your custom.js file you don’t have to difine jquery each time you want to fire a plugin.

let me know when you make the changes, I maybe can help :slightly_smiling:

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I’ve read about library conflicts before but the template has not that kind of scripts that would have conflicts with jQuery. Anyway, I resubmitted the template yesterday, if the problem still exists, the last thing that I can do is that avoid conflicts with jQuery.

Ahh I was using the .ready method, I was obsessed with errors I think I’ve copied codes from somewhere else.

You know, it’s interesting that me and some other users, we can’t see the errors but some can. Is it related to the browser, OS or something else?

And can you please take a screenshot?

Thanks a lot

I would suggest you to try loading jQuery on the top and rest of JS in footer. And in custom.js use .ready method only once. Also could be good idea to load custom.js only you need on particular page not all custom.js on all pages.

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It’s related to how browser work.
here you are a screenshot

Good luck !

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Rejected again! :[

What the review team said:

Please check all files in your download ZIP and correct this issue before resubmitting.”

Just a hunch, Maybe this is a permission issue with your jQuery file, on the package that you submit.

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Nothing changed I still can see the errors.
You use too many plugins which it make the debug really hard. Can you get rid of them just for a while and use the jquery from cdn ?

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Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking too!

I haven’t made a change because I was waiting for the review.
But why your errors are different from the reviewer’s?

Can you please give me a skype id or something? Or I can just use your help here.


I am sorry I only use this forum to offer my help. I don’t use skype for free jobs.