[Soft rejected] Bootstrap Landing Page - Need help

I tried to upload my first Landing Page template, but still get soft rejection :frowning:
Could you guys show me the places that need to be changed?
I think reviewers should give the name of that item which looks similar and show places that he doesnā€™t like more clearly - to save our time. Most of reviews look like a copy/paste templateā€¦


I have very similar design in another category and many people ask me to create HTML/CSS version (instapage).

I did the 1:1 project but reviewer still inform me that it is too similar to existing itemsā€¦ So I changed few things, added more sections and still the sameā€¦

Itā€™s a little strange - most of landing page templates based on similar conceptā€¦

Thanks :slightly_smiling:


  1. Unfortunately, your submission is too similar to existing item(s) in
    our marketplace. Your upload must be a unique concept not based on any
    existing marketplace item.
  1. Parts of your design are either difficult to read or have contrast
    issues. Please make sure all sections of your design have adequate
    contrast and all text is easily readable.
  1. There are spacing and alignment issues throughout this item. Please
    take a moment to make sure that all elements are aligned perfectly and
    everything is spaced consistently from section to section.