Soft rejected becuse menu dropdown depth support

Hey friends,

I have a question about the frontend part. One of the first reject reason is ‘Menus go off screen’:
– You can check the link that’s what reviewer sent with comment.

For fixing that issue the only solution came to my mind is overlapping menus like this:

– There are 10x depth menus. Does Envato want how many supported in a theme? Because I see there’re a lot of themes does not support much. If Envato requires 10x supported depth how can I solve that? Or what can I do for getting better results for also smaller devices?

Thank you all.

You can reverse the the drop from right to left, You will found it in other themes.

Thank you for your answer. I already did that solution but even in that case dropdown supports just 5-6 depth dropdown not 10x. Is that reject reason?

I don’t think a rejection reason, I did not see 10x is documented required.

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Thank you. Then I’ll upload theme to see if they accept.