Soft-Rejected because documentation file can not be open .

Hi there ,

My theme was soft rejected for this reason

Can anyone help me please ? How can I fix this problem ?

I’m on OS X El Capitan and I don’t get this error message when I open the file with Chrome or Safari.

Thanks in advance .

P.S … I tried to convert the HTML file to PDF but the reviewer said the PDF file is difficult to use and buggy …

I wonder if something got corrupted when you were saving the file. I would try creating the HTML file again (as a new file and copy over the content of the file) and saving it as .html.

If you’d like someone to double check it for you, perhaps upload it to Dropbox or Droplr so that one of us can test it locally for you.

Yes of course …

Here’s the new documentation file if anyone would be kind enough test it for me … Thanks in advance .


I was able to open up the file successfully. It didn’t auto-launch into my browser though (Chrome) but dragging documentation.html into the tab bar worked fine. I suspect the lack of auto-launch is most likely an issue with my setup.

You should be able to resubmit it and maybe just leave a short note to the reviewer that the documentation issue has been checked.

Thank you so much :slight_smile: