[Soft Rejected] Avoid plain and generic styles???


I just got a Soft Reject on this http://goo.gl/vYsXaS … Most probably I’m too attached on current design and I can’t clearly see the issues. I’m taking the review in a highly constructive way and I’m asking your help to identify issues. For sure your fresh eye on this design will help me a lot.

Point 1 and 6 are quite confusing. Don’t know what the reviewer was meaning…???

Theme needs to improve the following areas:

  1. Layout.

  2. Typography, forms a buttons.

  3. Spacing and alignments.

  4. Design consistency, make sure that all elements remain the same.

  5. Overall usability.

  6. Avoid plain and generic styles.

Thank you!!!

@charlie4282 maybe your keen eye can tell more? Thanks!

I don’t think it is that bad. It’s a very tough style to get right balancing child friendly with professional.

There is room for polishing and fine tuning details. e.g.

  • the Courses column boxes are a bit narrow and weirdly spaces

  • contact area feels very cramped, address feels lost and

  • different sections have inconsistent top/bottom padding

  • Typography is a little on the plain/generic side and could do with slightly more styling (Not wacky child fonts!)
    eg. things like blog previews on the home page the title line height is a bit much, then the content and the tags are virtually the same.

Likewise the timetable on courses page http://zoutula.com/themes/kiddie/course/super-kiddie/ is all one type and just needs tidying up

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Thanks a lot! You help a lot with this. I’ll focus on that.

Any other feedback?