soft rejected again for "More than one text-domain is being used" warning by theme check

i am getting this Waring
"Warning: More than one
text-domain is being used in this theme. This means the theme will not
be compatible with language packs.
The domains found are prisma, tgmpa, redux-framework, themecheck"
where prisma is my theme’s text-domain. the reviewer is insisting that "
"Anything you include within your theme must be up to the same standards as the theme itself. Otherwise, include items as a plugin. "

Any solution/ suggestion beside adding them as plugin ?

Hi there.

The solution is simple.

Replace all tgmpa, redux-framework, themecheck text-domains with your theme’s text-domain. In your case tgmpa, redux-framework, themecheck should be replaced with prisma.


but it is not a simple task. i mean how can i know exactly where are those text-domains used and how many time.
However if there is some kind of plugin or software is available to find all the text-domains than it is possible i think.
Please let me know if there is such a software/ plugin available.

Thanks & Regards!

If you are on Linux or Mac you can use terminal Grep to search on your entire theme.

If you are on Windows, you can use a tool like Astro Grep. It does the same job as the grep from Mac and Linux.

If your theme is online on a server, ask your hosting provider for SSH access. Then use grep command to search.


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I also experienced the same thing. how to remove warning like picture link below, but only one text domain. Please help me?

View Image Warning