[Soft Rejected] Advisor Theme needs Your Advice for improvement.

Hey guys, for now we’ve never asked for help when a theme is soft
rejected but after waiting 11 days and then simply receiving a comment
like this:

“Sorry but your theme does not meet the minimum quality requirements to
be accepted into the WordPress category. Please concentrate on improving
** typography, layout, and general styling** as these are key factors in
gaining approval into the marketplace.”

So far we never received this type of general comment. Always it was some details but now we are confused?

We need Your Advice how we can improve typography, layout and general styling. What your eye’s telling you?

Here’s the theme

Thank you guys!

Hello, thank you for contacting us

I must tell you that your work is nearing TF

Requires working with typography, I just wish the bladed text fonts in reverse. But you gave a good approach.

The text still looks very small in some sections, try some combinations with weights and sizes of text fonts,

There are sections that require improved contrast

The colors are light and very well, but may use more than one color only for the “focal points”

Another point to be improved is the white space, make sure you have the same dimensions.

Keep it up

Good luck

Hi guys,

First of all, if this is your first soft rejection, you have to be patient. Seriously.

But, here you have few tips on what you can improve.

  1. Agreed with the review team about the typography. We know that it’s a matter of taste but try to use different cleaner font. A good example: Open Sans, Montserrat, Lato.

  2. Some sections are busy with text. For example “Our Writings & Insights”.

  3. General styling hmmm, perhaps it means that you should use one type of hover. But we aren’t sure about that. We counted 6 different hovers on buttons.

We like your theme. It looks good. In our opinion, it needs some final touches. That’s all.

We hope this will help.

Good luck guys!

Hi TexTheme,

Thank you for taking your time for giving us the feedback, it means a lot to us. You have point it out good points to focus now.


Hi webdone,

Thanks for these great tips. Especially thanks for general styling issue “We counted 6 different hovers on buttons.” We definitely never count it :slightly_smiling:


Your theme is very common. Try to come with a new design.

  1. You have a problem in pre-loader.
  2. Typography should be improved. Look at my posts I posted many links over time about typography. Use MAXIMUM 2 fonts type .
  3. A greater attention to detail.
  4. You have a problem to the menu, with the current page . Yours remains stuck selected Home.
  5. You have very crowded pages with text.
  6. You got some issues to hover buttons.
  7. Submenu for last menu button is out from page (see image)

    Good Luck !

I agree what thezoc has mentioned, you need to change typography of all titles…
below are a few things I have noticed…

Other than what said above:

  1. Slider text too small in responsive design
  2. Slider text alignment problem in second slider in mobile view
  3. I think a little more spacing above this image is better in mobile view
  4. Not exactly sure how relevant is this but I think the spacing below and above the horizontal line above ‘Conclusion’ should be the same - http://showcase.themelaboratory.com/finance/tl-service/electronic-fund-transfers/

I think mobile view needs more attention.


@thezoc, @Clixint, @webnesters

You guys are awesome! Thank you for taking you precious time for helping us improving our theme :slightly_smiling:
We’ll do our best to work on all these issues that you mentioned to make it ready for TF.


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Hello there,

Try to validate it here also: https://validator.w3.org/nu/?doc=http%3A%2F%2Fshowcase.themelaboratory.com%2Ffinance%2Fhome%2F

It has a lot of errors!


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