Soft rejected 4 times, Need suggestions

Hi Guys,
We are in awkward situation with our latest submission. The item got 4 times soft rejections, the reviewer is just responding by saying (issues):

  1. CODE VALIDATION (We used iframe for map, that was might be giving a warning, no other issues on validation. If we can’t use iframe then, how?)
  2. SPACING AND ALIGNMENT(Calculated every single section and elements, we could not find any spacing issues)
  3. RESPONSIVE ISSUES (Tested from all major devices, no responsive issues)
  4. PROPER EVENT BINDING (We followed the way from the beginning)
    Here is the demo URL:
    We are very much annoyed as reviewer replying like robot and giving same change suggestions again and again.
    If you guys can check this out and give us your opinion specifically, it will be really helpful.