[Soft Rejected] 2 times for the same reason, which is confusing.

Hi, if anyone can help me about the design elements.

Gentle disapproval reason this makes me confused.

Here’s why reviewers:

Unfortunately there are still many elements of the design that need to be styled and re-worked to make this theme more appealing.

A good start would be to check out what’s trending on Awwwards (http://www.awwwards.com/websites/clean/) and to read through this post (https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2008/01/10-principles-of-effective-web-design/).

So, what should I do?

Do I have to learn the clean design that has been demonstrated above?

Or what?

Anyone please help me

Suggestions for your greatly appreciated.

My Wordpress theme demo :



The reviewer is right - with respect there are a lot of fundamentals whichever need work including the typography, styling and hierarchy amongst more.

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Thank you, can you explain in more detail what it was, I really was not able to digest it.

Please help me again, of course, you have more experience than me.


It’s difficult to give exact feedback as generally the basics need attention throughout.

  • There are a LOT of themes like this for sale here, many pf which have raised the bar a long way up.

  • There are numerous free themes which offer pretty similar layouts and features (minus he Woocommerce/Buddypress built in) and you need to offer something unique and warrant enough premium value for someone to pay for it

The two main areas I owuld work on are:

  • Attention to detail is definitely needed. Several images feel low quality, the typography really needs work esp. hierarchy (making bits bolder doesn’t count), seems like only one post type? Other Home layouts, etc.

  • Design quality. As the reviewer said there is room for improvement throughout to modernise, tidy and refine the look and feel

Definitely focus on quality over quantity. Adding numerous (heavy loading) plugins won’t count for anything if the design and basics are not there.

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I really still confused, do I need to change the font or the design of what?

Do I need to reproduce any part of white or what?

So what unique features should I add?

Here are the features of the theme, you say a lot of free themes like this.

  • Responsive
  • Slider
  • New : 2 Secondary Slider
  • Image LightBox
  • Theme Options ( Customizer )
  • On/Off Features Ready
  • Full Custom Color
  • Woocommerce Custom Color
  • 5 Lists Posts Style Selection for ( Blog, Category, Archives, Tags, and Search Result )
  • Font Awesome
  • Custom Google Fonts Library
  • Advertisement Ready
  • Related Post
  • Social Shares
  • Social Profile URL
  • 2 Menu ( Top Menu & Primary Menu )
  • Simple Mega Menu
  • Custom Meta Box
  • Exclude Page From Search
  • Footer Instagram Widget use WP Instagram Widget
  • Page Template ( Default, Sidebar Left, Full Width/No Sidebar, Homepage, and Landing Page )
  • Sidebar ( Sidebar Post, Sidebar Page, Sidebar Page Left, Sidebar Woocommerce, Homepage Widget, Homepage Sidebar Widget, Top Ad Sidebar, Sidebar Footer Wide 1, Sidebar Footer Wide 2, Sidebar Footer 1, Sidebar Footer 2 & Sidebar Footer 3 )
  • Sidebar (Slide On/Off )
  • Footer Widget 1, Footer Widget 2, Footer Widget 3 ( Slide On/Off)
  • 6 Custom Widget ( Responsive Ads, Carousel Widget, Mini Carousel Widget, Tab 8 Category, 2 Category, and Tab Latest, Popular, Comments Sidebar Widget )
  • Compatible Woocommerce Plugin
  • Compatible Bbpress
  • Compatible BuddyPress
  • 3 Shortcode Easy to use (Button, Columns, and Landing Page)
  • Create a Simple Landing Page with Shortcodes
  • Support & Update
  • And More...
  • And More .... Next Update :D .

Hi, Friends I am really confused.

But thanks a lot I would be able to digest what they want.