Soft reject


I received a soft reject and some of the stuff I don’t understand, I would appreciate some help, this is the theme

  1. The default install looks unfinished, for example: and more.

I don’t know how to access the RSS :slight_smile: maybe someone can enlighten me and I don’t know what the reviwer means with the post markup title should be removed browser window / tab.

  1. Themes execute the presentation and styling of content while plugins handle content creation and functionality. Anything users will lose upon switching themes is classified as plugin territory. Here are some common examples: - Analytics - SEO options - Forms - Non-design related meta boxes - Resource caching - Dashboard widgets - Custom Post Types - Custom Taxonomies - Shortcodes - Widgets - Social media “like”, “follow” and “share” buttons Anything that falls into plugin territory must be added via a custom plugin. You may use TGM Plugin Activation or equivalent to prompt the user to install the plugin on theme activation, but it cannot be activated without user action. Example(s):

I am confused here, shoule I create a plugin for the like button or for the enitre meta , like admin name , data and so forth?

Thank you.

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from my small knowledge I think:
4. if you use any markup (html tag) in post title you should to remove, enter plain text as title.
6. The reviewer answered by themself:

Widgets - Social media “like”, “follow” and “share” buttons Anything that falls into plugin territory must be added via a custom plugin. You may use TGM Plugin Activation or equivalent to prompt the user to install the plugin on theme activation, but it cannot be activated without user action.

In your screenshots: Social media “like”, “follow” and “share

Thank you for the replay.

I want to make sure I understtand so if a user adds html markup in the title it has to be removed by the theme code?

Sorry I am nob this stuff is new to me.

Thank you.

I think no. you should not do this because wordpress default functionality allow to put markup in post title (never be a good practice). but for theme preview/default theme install should avoid input this type of markup in post title.

Who is your reviewer ? :slight_smile:

You should improve typography maybe. For example menu doesn’t look good.
Here you should provide with plugins for activation/deactivation Share icons
And here HTML tags should not appear

The reviewer did not add his name so I don’t know.

I have no idea how to access this page it is the fist time I see it

This is my first theme so I am very confused about all this stuff, the explanations not all of them are making sense some of them I don’t undertand at all…

This stuff is complicateed :slight_smile:

I just don’t understand this one, makes no sense, should I lave the markup and actually show that in bold or italic or remove it, which one ?

Thank you.

You can know your reviewer from “Item-> History” tab.
All reviewers likes different designs. For this reason i asked reviewer name.

You needn’t know RSS, Just improving design of this section is enough.

The item is not approved so it has no hstory yet, it is added in the hidden tab, the reviewer name si not there belive me I searched for it.

About the RSS I understand that but I don’t know how to access that page so that I can see what is going on :slight_smile:
LIke I said I am a nob.

Okay. Then , good luck…

Thank you.

I guess I have to fix what I understand and ask the reviewer help for the parts that I don’t understand, I don’t see any way arround this.

In default if reviewer or your theme customer enter any markup in post title then you should to confirm that your theme will not show markup (example: <b>bold text</b>) instead will show formatted text (example: bold text). mean output in browser should not display markup language.

Still any doubt best choice will be ask reviewer.

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You were right about the history things, I apologize, this is the revierer (removed by mod)

I wold appreciate if you guys can explain what this means.

The “Read More” link must work properly (linking to the “” tag location).

Thank you.

go to any post details page at botttom just above the post navigation you have:
Tags (as like: Tag’s #gallery #standard)
if you click any tag it is:
404, Not Found

Good thing your sidebar meta tags are working fine.

Reviewer mean all link (read more, tags, categories) should work fine.

Thank you so much I did not noticed that.

Your help is much appreciated believe me, I would leave you a good review if I would have the place but I will mention you to the reviewer so thank you agian for your help.

There are a few things that I need help to understand so please if you can give me some tips.

  1. I don’t know how to access this page, I have no idea where it is .

  2. The search results page must work properly, with results displayed appropriately. If there are no results the user must be informed of this. - the search works fine and there is also a no resutl page, I don’t undertand what is wrong here.

  3. If the theme supports post formats, each type must be displayed appropriately in index/archive views.

  4. Floats must be cleared properly for floated element (ie. thumbnail images). - I cleared everything, if missed some place how can I find it.

Please never don’t do this type of unlogical, unrelated, inappropriate things. Reviewer don’t have time to read your story!

Now about your 4 request query:

  1. I think that image is just an example for you. Have you any such post which will fully match with those title, publish date, auhtor. Actually those are Gutenbarg rss feed.
  2. reviewer warn you so that you can check make sure you have done that
  3. If you have custom post format as like portfolio then you must have to make sure portfolio display in details view and archive view (as like category view, monthly archive view,… ) all is fine
  4. to check it you can check your design in different devices. If design is broken then there is a possibility you didn’t cleared properly.

Thank you.

Again I appreciate it.

I have another question, I would have not posted it, but I really don’t know how to approach this, I hope you guys can clarify this for me.

It is about post formats, my theme supports a few post formats one of them is gallery and I have built a custom meta box with a dedicated admin for it where images can be added and the same slider as in the portfolio is used, the buyer will appreciate this.

Please see this image

My questions is I am allowed to do this, I have seen other themes doing this and it is the only way possible to add custom slider or a custom video player, what should I say to the reviewer ?

Thank you.