[Soft Reject] Your uploaded item needs improvement

Hi everyone, we hope you guys are doing well.

We have received some feedbacks for our item. Here are the feedbacks that we need help with:

  • Typographic hierarchy
  • Spacing/padding and alignment
  • Improving your design with more unique features and graphics

Please take a look at our item and help us in completing those feedbacks. Thank you.

Item link: https://notex.vistothemes.com/

Visto THemes


You still need big improvements.

The typeface still needs big improvements, you have some space problem. The height of the line needs adjustments, you must find a suitable balance. Try to play a bit, it gives me the impression that you only use bullet lists, you also need to create paragraphs.

The spaces need improvement there is a lack of proximity which avoids having defined sections. If your concept requires such extensive height paragraphs then you need to apply it to the entire design to be proportional.

Even if you solve these points I don’t see any different characteristics from the rest of the templates. A good search for nicer, newer, different graphics would give it a plus.

Buy a good package from an image bank such as PhotoD. ShutterS. If you are not a visual designer, I do not recommend that you use Unsplash, but if you want you can use it.

Keep working and soon you will get better results


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