Soft Reject WordPress Template

Hi !
I have submitted a WordPress template. It got soft reject.

Reviewer said:

  1. Any incomplete, not prime-ready, low quality or not unique enough theme might be hard rejected. You are simply reserving the queue with an incomplete submission and creating a review delays. This applies to conversions as well!

Here are some resources for you:

Here our demo:

Can anybody please show me what should I change?

Thanks a lot!!

I think it’s a hard reject, you have a good font-pair but you should improve heading contrast.
There are some padding bugs also

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You are almost there but you just need more organize here is what I think:

  • Any thing empty should be hide by default for example the 3 inline boxes in homepage and post tags inside each post

  • Post excerpt length should be controlled by the the theme and have default value to work with some places in your theme like the slider

  • Shortcodes shouldn’t be hardcoded with your theme default settings for example the Instagram shortcode at the footer shouldn’t be there if the user didn’t enables it

  • Test again your spacing and don’t be afraid of them examples

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Thank You So much