Soft Reject with these comments? [Approved! yay]

I’m just like “what the !”

  1. Both site logo and site name displaying:
    -> what?
  2. Dates should correspond with the Date Format settings in Settings -> General:
    -> impossible with this layout? I have an option to off it
  3. Vertical image display issue:
    -> Previous rejection they said that this vertical image should not be cropped
  1. Only option here will be to use by default Date Format settings in Settings -> General and all to be inline, the same size (or one bellow the other, same size). And to have in “Theme Options” (or somewhere else) a option to switch to this layout (day to be bigger)

Thanks for your opinion. It’s easy but we have an option to not showing it.
Reviewer should work better an AI, this is humanless :smiley: j/k

  1. Seem five and six are bold, the others not. Remove bold.

Thanks for your comments, I’ve fixed them all and get approved :wink: