Soft Reject - Where to go from here

After yet another:

“Soft Rejected
I’m very sorry, but this theme is still not ready to be included at ThemeForest. If you want to submit files that fall into this very popular and competitive category they not only have to be up to our standards, but really outperform any existing files.”

My demo can be found at

After a month of tweaks improvements and additions with this process I’m up for any suggestions of where I can improve further. Specifics of where I can improve or am going wrong rather than general statements would be extremely helpful.

Logo is not appealing

Avoidable validation issues

Footer could be improved

Is this definitely set up to meet all the submission requirements?

Typography is not that bad but not great nor consistent and image titles need work e.g. About Me

There are some nice touches but the design feels a but simple and dated in places

Think more refinement that overhaul

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In my eyes, typography is not OK .
Also your theme have a very common design.
In presentation (demo) change logo, font icons, some images . Try to follow a few current trends in images (unstock), colors, contrast…
Home slider is unaesthetic .
Make improvements to the footer and submenu.
Good Luck !

Thank you guys for the valuable feedback I really appreciate it. Time to keep plugging away I guess!