Soft Reject Unobvious Reasons. Share your Experience, Please.

Dear community,

Has someone experienced repetitive soft rejects with little explanation? We have sent our theme for review a few times and received almost the same feedback (even after multiple improvements):

The overall design is still pretty bland and without enough attention to detail, let’s continue improving please:

This is the live demo

As you can see, no certain directions were given for what to improve. The same situation happens all the time when our template is reviewed by one certain reviewer. Our other themes were accepted previously, but by another guy. That’s why your honest feedback is needed, as we do want our theme to be on Envato and it would be of great help to hear unbiased thoughts to perform some theme changes.

Maybe, someone already had a similar experience?

Who is reviewer ? Yes reviewer , right. There are issues.

The reviewer is emiluzelac. Could you give us a hint on issues that may be improved?

Not bad, but a bit bland IMHO. Add more colors and more interesting typography. It is currently too minimalistic. You can always create this as some additional color scheme for people who prefer that, but the main version should have more punch.

Your theme look pretty, just need to add color on the highlights to improving

Could you give us a hint on issues that may be improved?