Soft reject to Hard reject

First submit, i has response soft reject .
After the support sent hard reject

This is my demo :

According to the details, the plugin is too similar with your current item therefor you cannot get the item approved as new. The first rejection was to allow you to respond some answers which they didn’t find it good enough.

Thanks for your reply.
I have clarified that you have two distinct products:

Product 1: A developer for building tour websites.
Product 2: A developer for building hotel/apartment/villa websites.

I have explained the differences in both design and features to them. It’s disheartening that despite your efforts, the rejection escalated from a soft reject to a hard reject.

The issue here is that you could’ve managed all in together within the same item. With your logic, you would be submitting another item for another “listing” script.

It’s coding script, not WordPress theme. You can still contact Envato support for second opinion, if they find the script worth to check, they may check it again . Bear in mind that it may take up to 14 working days or longer or you may not get a reply at all.

My suggestion would be merge the idea into one script and focus on selling more copies

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Thanks ki-themes
How I can still contact Envato support for second opinion ?
I mean i sent to support (Not reviewer) ?

You can create a ticket but you may get no reply as " the rejection message still stands "

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Thanks you