Soft Reject then Hard Reject With No Reason

I’m currently selling of POS system based on PHP on Codecanyon (NexoPOS. This system is quite popular.

Over time I’ve created extensions for restaurant, WordPress, etc. All have been approved. For 3 months I’m working on an extension that should help the restaurant to manage their raw material, so I’ve released the extension but I decided to create along with NexoPOS a bundled product (which combines more extensions at a low price (initially $140 but discounted to $99).

The first rejection was because there was no “demo”, I have created a dedicated demo for that new item and now, the item got rejected, saying it’s doesn’t meet the quality standard…

Seriously, most of my applications are designed the same way. I’m here for 6 years already, I never experienced such rejection (only when I’ve was a rookie). I don’t think it’s because of the documentation, everything has always been on our website and for that new extension, the documentation is available here.

Can someone clarify me on what’s wrong ?