Soft Reject - Theme Raises Issues

Greetings guys,

I have submitted a theme not long ago and got reject on some issues, all were clear except for the following:

Please make sure that your template doesn’t raise any PHP errors, notices or warnings. Enabling wp_debug can help you with this.

The reviewer also said that he gets this error while doing the theme activation.

I have tried enabling wp_debug and php.ini to display all warnings/errors and still can’t find it to popup for me.

Could someone explain where this problem even exists, so that I can try solving it?

Hey, first check chrome console if your theme raise any errors.

Second thing, if you add additional plugins into your theme. Try to make some tests without them. When reviewers test your theme with plugins like unit test, they dont install any additional plugins (even if you set them as required).

And check this i guess you dont use add_action( ‘wp_enqueue_scripts’,

Hello @TangibleDesign, thank you for the feedback, but unfortunately these are the things I have done before submitting the theme and do not help my issue.

Once again to note, I have turned on WP_Debug and all possible ways to display warning and errors within the php files and yet I’m missing something.

I really could use a proper answer! Thanks

This issue may be related to something else. If you’re interested in paid support, you can send me the theme via email, I can check the theme (of course the issue and the solution) and offer you a fixed price to fix it

you need to enable wp_debug as true in wp-config.php at root of your project. It will show you all the errors in your theme at admin and front-end both.

We got this issue from a reviewer recently. We couldn’t see any PHP error on our theme with wp_debug enabled. We realized that the PHP version of our server was higher than the version used by the reviewer. He was using PHP 5.4. We changed our PHP version of our localhost server and we could see the issues they were showing us.

I hope I have been able to help you!

Thank you for all of your wonderful feedback!

We have resolved the issue successfully!


Can you please post the solution so that will benefit others facing the same issue please.