Soft Reject Template Looking Like A Framework :/

At my 2nd soft rejection i got this message.

1. FRAMEWORK-ISH: The submitted template is more like a ‘framework’ rather than a fully developed design. Currently, pages feel like a collection of components rather than a cohesive, flowing design. Make sure that all components are designed to work with your template's concept and are presented in a logical manner.

What should i have to do Now ?
My Demo Link :

Any Help guyz what should i do know ?

What dose it means … ?

No help guyz :frowning:

@ThemeMakers can you please help in this regard? Thanks

yes reviewer said correct… design is plain … logo is plain… MAKE your FOOTER MORE Attractive.

@AccuraThemes Thanks For your answer. But can you tell me is the reviewer said my template hierarchy should be changed?
What should be the order of section.?
I am confused much
My sections are About -> services -> team -> Portfolio ->Chose Us -> Pricing -> Blog etc

should I change it or something else?

visuaL hierarchy … this is simple…need to add some spicy … some concept behind …
for example…

  1. add colour
  2. make some unique design
  1. home page is too plain