[soft reject] suggest imporvment for wp theme


The theme is soft rejected for some small bugs (resubmission), I would like to hear the community feedback and suggestion about it.


My opinion, after quick look.
Demo 2:

  • space between hero image, post-filters and posts top edge should be symmetric;
  • those strange separators between posts should be also in bottom of every post, not only on sides.
  • inconsistence in icons and body text (font-weight, space etc.)
    Posts pages:
  • for example http://nizcosoft.com/demos/demo2/demo-post-4. in hero image space between divider and .meta-warrper now incorrect.
  • post footer has empty “tags”.
    And more things to improve, especially in demo1 and demo3.
    By the way, animations are cool. And, do you use plugin for parallax hero image or scrolling?

Are You sure You have this product in “hidden items” section ? What was message from reviewer …

Inconsistency, Could you show example ?

I use simple parallax plugin made it for this project you can have it: https://gist.github.com/znashty/61e7a5c62c36e80219e6

Thank you would like to hear your other suggestions about demo1 and demo3

look here

“Load more” button text has thin font, “plus” icon is too bold.
“Like” button has no space between heart icon & count and looks not aligned vertically.
“Tags” label in post footer has no space also.
Share section in post footer contrasts with author social links.

Favicon isn’t loaded;
Too much unbalanced space in header logo and header navigation (maybe align nav on center?);
Those strange dividers on sides of “Just another WP site”;
Posts filter aligned on center and sidebar widgets title aligned on left dismatch;
Bad padding on posts captions;
Pagination borders between buttons - remove them / make smaller / make borders on all sides.

The same + I dislike hero slider (buttons on center and when browser unzoomed images has white space).

Hope this helps and good luck!

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