Soft reject spacing issue help please

Hello everyone,
It’s Tayfur from themezinho. Here is the our latest item uon

Mobile styling needs attention/improvement in some areas. Please check/test your pages carefully and resolve all issues.


There are spacing/padding as well as alignment issues throughout the design. Please check your files thoroughly and weed out these basic design issues.

I check All responsive google lighthouse and all other I couldnt find responsive issue. About spacing I check all paragraphs margin bottoms, section paddings, lineheights, vertical alignments all looks good.

Please if u see some issue can show share with me ? thanks



I have check everything is fine. Submit again and request to get screenshots!

I hope its approve. Good luck :+1:


Yes spacing issues exist. Please check inner pages as like:

In the above page 3 group images bottom space is great issue also have to take care top spacing. at footer widget between phone and email space can be increased around 5px. Please check all inner pages (I didn’t check all inner pages)

You work is fine. hpe will approve. Good luck


I couldnt understand :frowning: can u show with screenshot please ?


please take a look


I see and fix it. what about footer issue ?

not mandatory if you think in right widget phone and email space can be increased around 5px. Thanks

Footer looks fine to me. Thanks for lettting me know about 3 gallery images issue