Soft Reject (Spacing, Alignment) Can't Complet, Please Help

Good evening my dear friends,
I received a comment from a reviewer, is what is here in the comments:

+There are spacing and alignment issues throughout this item. Please take a moment to make sure that all elements are aligned perfectly and everything is spaced consistently from section to section.

  • This is a good start, however some improvement to the design is required (mainly spacing). Spacing around the edges of the design seems a little tight (especially noticeable in the footer).

    The problem is I can not find this problem to correct it, Please Can you help me with Screenshot to better understand .


This link may be helpful:

Thanks bro for your help .

Any other help please ?

Are u using a framework? If yes, start putting navigation, slider & footer inside a container.

  • Address and contact sin header don’t align to any other part of the page

  • Could be wrong but the copy around the woman performance looks closer to the middle than the man

  • Our general condition is too close to content above given larger spacing below

  • Counters and icons have inconsistent margins top and bottom

  • subscription cards far too close together

  • duplicating content page to page e.g. home, about, services etc. appears lazy and unfinished

  • coaches icons misaligned

  • Shadows in the header a little bit old (in my opinion)
  • Logo in header not vertically aligned
  • Social networks icons in header are pixelated (we can see white in the edges)
  • Phone and map icons in header little bit big
  • Main slider
  • Red slider (men & women performances) it’s difficult to read the description (& need more design work on it)
    Some Service: maybe you need some space between the section’s title and the blocs (this section need also some design work on it)
  • footer: About Muscle GYM: payments methods icons need maybe some space
  • footer: Site Information: links maybe need some extra padding

Good luck kho :wink: