Soft Reject, Soft Reject, Soft Reject ...

  1. Sidebar appears only on frontpage:

  2. Typography is way too crowded, there’s no line heights or enough spacing:

  3. This shouldn’t display if there are no tags:

And that kind of rejects I get by 2 months now … Is it even possible to get approved in here?

  1. I have two sidebars one for frontpage second for single post and pages
  2. ok, I increase margins for H tags
  3. ok removed

2 minutes of fixes and 2 days of waiting == more then 2 months of soft rejects.

Thank you for sharing the information so we avoid them in our submissions and wish your item gets accepted asap. I am just wondering why don’t they send all mistakes in one review .

did you solved the soft rejects or still need some help?

Yes very long time ago…

I upload this cv, resume template and they soft rejected for 3 times after 20 or 30 days with issue details as alignment and whitespace issue I resolve this issue but still, they are rejecting it I want to know how could I change the template when there are no visuals or screenshots of that specific area.
How I can contact them any help will highly appreciate.