Soft reject Responsive Price table

I didn’t understand.

  1. LOW CONTRAST: Please increase the visual contrast of the following elements, which will drastically improve legibility and readability.
  2. Please separate all demo CSS from plugin CSS. Avoid generic filenames for your plugin CSS files (such as color.css or styles.css). Please also avoid generic CSS rules/names in your plugin stylesheet (such as body, a, .color, .section, etc)

anyone guide me

Still looking

Your CSS uses class names like .btn, this is unacceptable because it’s a very generic classname and might overwrite someone else’s CSS on their existing site. You should prefix your classes, for example .itemname-btn.

By the way, I see some weird quirks on my end (Chrome):


Also, the CSS category requires premium design. Your design is quite lacking compared to other pricing tables I’ve seen around here. Consider working on the design before you resubmit. :slight_smile: