Soft Reject Reasons

Themeforest - It’s nice that first review time back to 10 days but now You must do something with review process for soft reject. Why I get for example 5 soft rejects - one reviewer didn’t have enough knowledge to check theme? You still get some new requirements and I understand that but why one person can’t tell about them…

Now for example I got soft reject with one reason - reviewer do not like name of my theme…and I must wait next 3 days… I end creating theme in February and till today get soft rejects … many with that same reasons ( because reviewers do not read history of review process )

I every time see - please do not put placeholders for post without featured image … I do not put placeholders, but reviewers use very unfriendly import-data.xml which doesn’t understand that theme required for example meta-box plugin to define type of post - so treat every post as “standard” ( condition ) with just icon, because standard post have only icon in my theme.

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