soft reject reason,copyright violation

  1. COPYRIGHT VIOLATION: Please note that we do not review items for copyright or intellectual property issues, and this is your responsibility as you have confirmed during the upload process. However, we have some concerns that assets used in your item may not have been properly licensed. No famous people or screenshots from Movies, TV Series, Video games, CD covers or anything similar that might be infringing on any copyrights are acceptable. Please remove them from the preview image. Please review your item, identify any assets in it that are not licensed, and replace them with properly licensed assets. Please note that Envato takes copyright complaints and issues very seriously. Please be aware of your obligations under our membership terms to ensure that your items do not infringe anyone else’s intellectual property.

I didnt understand that reason
What is the meaning of this and what should i do ?

Please provide a url to your item to make a check

They mean that you have assets (in this case pictures) that have copyright issue. Either the pictures are not properly licensed or the content of the pictures contains trademarks, copyrighted material or unreleased models,…
I can see you have the brand “Hilfiger”. You can’t have that. You should review the images you used and make sure you can indeed use them.

Can u give me screenshot ?

Do you have permission to use images and logos from Portfolio section?

On the other hand, I see you use MixItUp jquery plugin. You need to have permission to use it.

Is this your account too?

How can i solve the mixitup issue
Do i have to buy their license ?
Or i just have to take permission ?

Yes, as they write on their website you need to purchase license to have the rights to use it in commercial projects like the current one.

MixItUp will always be open-source and free to use for non-commercial use.

Only permission is not enough as they have option to sell license for commercial use.

You have to have their recurrent license (monthly payments). They wouldn’t give permission for something they charge $30 a month for the lifetime of selling a file including it.

So all the authers who use mixitup in themeforest bought license from them ?

They should have done. I don;t know files using it but either way it is a legal requirement to have the re-seller license

If they don’t have permission and the right license then it is very stupid given the potential consequences if they get found out.

I won’t load sites that generate these issues

But it would seem from the thread that envato may also be aware of the required license - hence the problems you are having.