Soft Reject.Readibility Issue

We submitted a theme called Resortica.It has been soft rejected a number of times.Then our reviewer said there is a readibility issue.

Reviewer screenshot:

Ours :


I dont think there is that readibility issue as shown in the screenshot.

Any suggestion will be appreciated.Thanks

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Hi @axel_design,

I have the EXACT same problem with the same reviewer. I have checked my theme in any browser I could think of and it looks nowhere near as on rejection screenshot. It looks like custom browser settings or problem with font on reviewers’ computer, but I can’t just send the same item again telling him it’s okay…

I would really appreciate any input from other authors.

(I wish I could tag him here so at least we knew what browser/OS is he using, but I can’t seem to find his account name :slight_smile: )

One thing - I thought we are using the same body font, but you seem to use Open Sans while I’m using Raleway, so it’s not likely a font problem (although italic version of the same font looks OK on reviewers’ screenshot…).


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Hi Luca

Yeah seems to be problem on reviewers computer only.Checked almost on all devices thinking that font might not have loaded properly.Seems fine on almost all devices we checked.Dont know what the problem is.It would have been easy if reviewer mentioned what os or browser they are using.Unfortunately he didnt mentioned that.
So we changed the font from Raleway to Open Sans and changed the color too.Dont know what reviewer will reply to that.

Oh, so you were using Raleway before as well? That could be a hint, but still the font itself looked totally normal in any browser I checked…


Yeah we used Raleway initially and seems to work on all devices.5 different reviewer reviewed our theme before him and no one mentioned such issue and now he says there is readibility issue with a screenshot in which looks totally different from ours.
Now we are forced to change the font thinking raleway font might not have rendered properly on reviewers devices.

Oh my, it looks like a certain problem with Raleway font and Windows 7 OS (there are several reports over the internet):

Well, time to use different font then… It looks like the problem has been fixed in Chrome a while ago though.