Soft reject: Question from reviewer, how can I answer to him?

A reviewer has been asked me a question: “Can you please list the changes made since the last submission?”… How can I answer to him without re-uploading items?
Thanks a lot!

First of all you need to make a few changes to your script before uploading it.
Then in the upload process you’ll have a field, where you need to mention what changes to the code have been made.

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I’m assuming they said that in a soft reject email notification? Just resubmit with the relevant info if that’s the case. If the item was hard rejected then you’ll have to upload it again, as even if you could contact them with the answers… there would be nothing to approve if it’s not in the queue.

Resubmit mail or upload files?

Resubmit files if it was soft rejected. Re-upload files it it was hard rejected.

Oh okay, sorry where Can I resubmit item without reuploading them? Should I open edit section ?
Thanks for everything. I am excited a lot!

Go to the hidden items tab in your dashboard. If it was soft rejected, then it should be in there, so you can edit and resubmit… or just resubmit adding a note with the requested info. If it’s not in there, then it may have been hard rejected, and you’ll have to upload it again.

Ah so simple! Thanks a lot!