Soft Reject - Play with reviewer



I got 11 soft rejects. From 9, reviewer start write :

  1. Same issue with posts. They never load. Indefinite pre-loader.

Is this some kind of play ? Why reviewer do not turn off preloader in theme options and wrote what error do he see ? I’m unable to replace this… Very funny game [REMOVED]


Have patience man though its frustrating.
Most of the authors have to face the same process.
Just follow what they are saying. At last it will make your item better
Cheers :slight_smile:


I get 2 times soft reject… Then uploaded again. But this time received HARD REJECT…
If I know, will get hard reject, wouldnt waste my time…
Oh Envato… Why do you make so?


I start thinking it’s impossible to get to this shop. They have their own authors and that’s it.


Why don’t you upload without pre-loder first? or it by default OFF.
If posts are not loading just for your theme something must be there for sure. Reviewer uses same data to test all themes, no specifically crafted data to get your theme soft rejected :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Anyways thanks for info in your last thread about soft reject reason to upload latest TGM. I was about to upload a theme for review.

May be by the time you were witting a question with a but obvious answer I updated my file :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It needs to do frequently through out the life of a theme.


I do it I test it … I make every possible post format - post with every possible other options in single view, every widget, every type of comment, every similar post type … there is no bug…


Make sure your theme works with the theme unit test data. Reviewers do not install your theme required plugin’s or else, they just install the theme and import the unit test data. So you need to make sure your theme works well with this. You can not expect them to look into your theme options if something is not working.

PS. I m not Envato’s “OWN” author


This WordPress Importer has so many bugs in debug mode and so low rating that i’m really wonder the why they use it.

But after import data everythings work ok … post load