Soft reject our WordPress theme

Hello colleagues! We are a CraftMonkey team. We have this situation:
You sent your first template for verification, and received a soft redirect, made changes, sent again, and so already 4 times, the last answer from the reviewer was this:

"Resubmission Soft Rejection
We’re having one too many issues here and I don’t think that they’re being resolved, now your demo doesn’t even load: "

An interesting detail is that we rechecked on different servers and everywhere the template loads quietly.

Actually, here is the link to our template:

If someone can give us constructive criticism and suggest what we need to correct, which ones did we pay attention to?

Thanks to everyone who responded! Good sales!

Try on fresh/clean WordPress installation to install your theme (just theme, without any plugin) and check if is all working fine - if page/posts are loaded.

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Thanks for answer! Can you tell me, our presentation are loading on your computer?

Yes, your live demo is working.

Yes is loading fine on my side as well, the console is also clear no errors.

What you can try is to limit the download speed maybe when the connection is slow you have some errors in your code, it happened to me :slight_smile:

Demos are working but I think reviewer soft rejected by mistake. Should be hard reject. İt
It’s ver messy. :frowning:


Thanks for the answer, but tell me more, why hard reject?

Said. Your design is very very messy. And fonts need significant improvements.

Try to use the correct dark and light color bro, try to use negative space effective, make more clear, Do not overlap.>> Hope this help.