Soft Reject or Hard Reject? Cannot Decide it is in the hidden tab

Ok so today i received my rejection message im pretty sure it has got to be approved when i checked my hidden tab the item is there saying it was soft rejected.

but when i checked the reason for the soft-reject it shows a generic looking message saying that the theme is too common and all.

Unfortunately your submission Piamag Premium Magazine WordPress Theme isn’t quite ready for ThemeForest. Here’s some feedback from our Review team on why it couldn’t be accepted.

  1. Unfortunately, your submission is too similar to existing item(s) in our marketplace. Your upload must be a unique concept not based on any existing marketplace item.
  1. Minimal templates can be clean and simple when you manage to handle the white space and details to provide a simple but yet unique template. But if you can’t, it will look like an incomplete template – blank template.
  1. In this case, the submitted template is more like a ‘framework’ than a full fledged design. If you’re going with minimalism, you need to make sure all the little details check out.

After making the required fixes or improvements, please edit your submission and submit for re-review.

Please note, you must make the required fixes or improvements before resubmitting for re-review. By not doing so, repeated resubmissions without changes may be considered abuse of the review system and your submitting rights may be disabled.

Please advice what should i do, im very clueless about this

That’s sure a soft reject.

But you need to rework a lot.

In my case (march 2015), my item was soft rejected for same reason, so I add more headers, change the design quite a bit, typography, widget design, etc.